When Patients were asked How Acupuncture Affected their Health and Lifestyle, They said...

"My wife received (cancer) treatment for a brain tumor which left her with neuropathy in the bottoms of both feet. After about four (acupuncture) treatments, feeling returned to both feet. Her balance noticeably improves after each treatment. She is now able to play golf each week."

S.B, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I am a longstanding advocate of acupuncture and have enjoyed its benefits. Debbie Young has been my favorite Acupuncture Physician so far. She is concerned with treating the whole patient and her treatments are wonderfully relaxing and effective. I have always tried to do the right thing by my body and "soul." Acupuncture and energy work serve as a reminder that I am not just flesh and bones, but a far more complex organism."

M.S., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I had ulnar neuropathy at the elbows with numbness and tingling sensations in both hands and two fingers of each hand. (Acupuncture treatments) reduced the symptoms completely in one arm and 95 percent in the other, with 6-10 treatments. Months later, I still have vastly reduced symptoms"

J.N., Neptune Beach, FL

"I had injured my knee and deltoid muscles and the treatment offered by a regular doctor was to inject the knee with steroids and let time heal the deltoids. I needed more immediate relief and acupuncture seemed a good alternative. (I was surprised) how accurately Debbie was able to pinpoint the muscles that needed healing and that only one day after the initial visit I had regained a good deal of movement and flexibility in my knee and arms."

B.A., St. Augustine, FL

"I had been looking for an acupuncturist for over a year. When I came to see Debbie Young, I was impressed with her education, experience, peaceful & caring presence. She took time to talk with me to ensure that my concerns were addressed."

M.R., Jacksonville Beach, FL

"I noticed an immediate change with by IBS problems after one treatment. The problem did not reoccur until I had to take some antibiotics and it is less of a problem even today."

M.R., Jacksonville Beach, FL

(After receiving acupuncture) "It made me slow down some and take better care of myself and to try to think of myself more and not always put others first."

V.W, Atlantic Beach, FL

"Acupuncture has had a tremendous impact on my health and improved the quality of my life substantially. For me it is part of a journey and commitment to overall healthy living habits. And by far, the reason I return is the quality of your professionalism and thoughtful care."

L.A., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Your Qigong class was a perfect 'fit' for my needs."

R.S., Atlantic Beach, FL

(I had a) "Rotator cuff injury. MD said shots would give temporary relief. Surgery 60/40 chance of long term benefit. (The Acupuncture treatment) worked immediately. My range of motion increased with one session. 3 sessions later and several weeks of exercise have worked wonders."

L.Y., Jacksonville, FL

(I came to see you) "Because you are TCM trained and use QiGong in your treatments. I have come to know that the use of QiGong GREATLY enhances an acupuncture session. The sum total of your experience assisted me in getting the bottom of my issue."

B.V., Jacksonville Beach, FL

When Asked What Surprised them Most about the Treatments, Patients Said...

"I was most pleasantly surprised by your technique and your ability to convey a true sense of caring and tuning in to my health needs. I feel I am now able to trust in my own healing abilities, with the help of other healers, like you, aiding me along the way. I always feel more grounded and calmer when our session is finished."

K.L., Jacksonville, FL

"I thought it might be painful but it wasn't. You hardly know they are needles at all. It was also very relaxing. Also, if I had a cold, neck ache, or wasn't feeling well during my treatment time, that was addressed as well, so that my overall health was always considered and treated."

J.N., Neptune Beach, FL

"In addition to the acupuncture, she gave me an energy massage. My entire body felt energized & more relaxed. Combining the acupuncture with the massage created more Chi flow than just an acupuncture treatment."

M.R., Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Cupping! Never had it before, and love it now! Shoulder pain is greatly diminished, so I take less medication and use fewer topical pain relievers."

D.F., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"(I was surprised by) your very personal attention to me as a patient. You are very knowledgeable and caring."

D.F., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Your thorough knowledge and pulse diagnostic skill."

B.V., Jacksonville Beach, FL

"The amazing energy flow!! I would leave the appointment feeling so much better AND the feeling would last!"

N.N., Jacksonville, FL

"I have studied Qigong (Standing, Seated, Moving) & Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Taoist & Buddhist Meditations, and Chinese-based martial arts, etc. since 1991. I found that Sheng Zhen Qigong is truly unique in that its root is based in Unconditional Love. It also places an emphasis on being "joyful", while doing the exercises, potentially drawing into a deeper inner spiritual connection."

P.E., Atlantic Beach, FL